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Welcome to the UC Davis Neuroscience Blog!

Welcome to the UC Davis Neuroscience Blog!

One of the things we most pride ourselves here at UC Davis is the strong sense of community we share and we envision this blog will reflect just that. On a practical level, this blog is intended to serve as a unique platform for graduate students and faculty to post announcements and to share achievements, publications, articles and general resources of interest.

In addition to the practical resources this blog will also feature a few regular “sections”. In the next few months, we will be piloting different types of posts on the blog (such as interviews with faculty, reviews and discussions of our “seminar series” speakers, notable events, etc). This blog will likely evolve over time and that’s what will make it great! We’re excited to see how things unfold from here – and we’re always happy to receive feedback and take your suggestions.

Lastly, if you’re a grad student in the program and you’re interested in being a contributor (whether regular or occasional) please do let us know. We appreciate your input, enthusiasm and support!


The NeuroBlog Team.

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